Thursday, July 28, 2011

Surprises - Simple and Rare

A couple of the nice surprises about my trip - walking and public transportation.  It has been quite pleasant to be without the need of a car for the last two weeks.  I'm getting a great deal of exercise on our tours and my walks around the city.  Living in the heart of the city for an extended period has also given me a sense of belonging.  I know my way around and am familiar with different shops, restaurants, attractions, and stations.  The Tube and buses are quite easy to navigate and are a fast and efficient way to get around.  Honestly, my Oyster card (public transport card) may be my most valued possession while in London!

We visited the British Library today and took a tour of the treasures collection.  The Canterbury Tales, Handel's Messiah, the Gutenberg Bible, the Magna extraordinary collection.  I also enjoyed looking at lyrics written by members of the Beatles; the collector salvaged these loose sheets, envelopes, cards, and other materials from the floor of Abbey Road studios.  Seeing the Magna Carta today seemed an appropriate connection to the play last night.  In fact, I've seen three of the four remaining copies of the Magna Carta in the last two days!  Everywhere I turn in London I encounter a great and rare piece of history.

Off to Paris in the morning!  We will see the highlights by bus and boat, and then have a nice dinner.  With a forecast of 75 degrees and sunny, it's sure to be a marvelous day!

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