Thursday, July 14, 2011

Crossing the Pond

A long, but excellent flight on Virgin Atlantic!  I never knew that flying could be such a pleasant experience.
Who knew that some seats are actually roomy and comfortable, and an airplane meal is not just a thing of the past?  I probably should have gotten a little shuteye, but Virgin also has an awesome media package. Therefore...going into hour 24...

My latest hero is Tiffani Lagerquist.  I met her while waiting in line for customs at Heathrow.  Tiffani was working and living in Manchester, NH but decided that she was unfulfilled.  She quit her job, sold some of her belongings, pooled her money, and is now traveling the world for the next eight months!  Good luck and godspeed!  Follow Tiffani's journey at the following website:

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