Tuesday, July 19, 2011

London 2012

London's Olympic Park is well underway as the 2012 Games will start one year, one week, and one day from today!  The "Big Build" of the major venues is nearing completion.  Even more impressive is the way in which the LOCOG has trained local workers, used local companies, and reused materials to construct the venues.  The London Olympics will revitalize the East End by clearing contaminated sites and providing green spaces.  Plans are also in place for the utilization of the facilities once the Olympics are over.  To my surprise, the building of Olympic Park only displaced one or two businesses in the area.

My husband was in Beijing during the summer of 2007, one year before that city hosted the Summer Games.  I remember him telling me about all of the demolition and construction going on in the city in preparation. However, he also mentioned that a lot of the buildings being destroyed were actually apartments and other living spaces; many people were simply ordered to find new arrangements.  A much different story than the one going on here in London.


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