Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Day with Victoria and Albert

A little free time on Saturday allowed me to visit Hyde Park with my classmate, Elizabeth.  Although we were there to shoot video for her project, we took advantage of a beautiful London day by doing a little touring as well. In fact, we worked for about thirty minutes and walked around for the next six hours :)  Hyde Park was quite busy on a sunny Saturday with people taking walks, having picnics, playing soccer, and going for boat rides on The Serpentine.  A lack of activity at Speaker's Corner brought us around to the opposite side of the 350-acre park and the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain, a unique memorial.  This is not your typical fountain but a large oval-shaped stream of water that runs over tiny waterfalls, cascades down small steps, and bubbles up over little jets.  People were dipping their feet in the cool water while children were splashing and playing.  It seems a very fitting memorial for Princess Diana.

As we exited Hyde Park, we caught a glimpse of the Prince Albert Memorial...breathtaking.  It truly is the most exquisite and ornate memorial I have ever seen; Queen Victoria was obviously quite fond of her late husband. The memorial faces the Royal Albert Hall, just across Kensington Road.  Royal Albert Hall is surrounded by many of the Royal Colleges, including the colleges of art, music, and organists.  It was at lunch in the Hall's Cafe Consort that I decided on the subject of my digital film, Proms.  Proms is an annual classical music festival that takes place at the Royal Albert Hall.  The BBC sponsors this summer event which runs for nearly two months.  Check back in a couple of days to see my digital film!

After an extended stop at the Victoria and Albert Museum, we were on our way back to Bedford Place.  Another great day in London!

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